Strategy Development

Organizations that have a comprehensive D&I strategy are more likely to see positive business results.

To achieve long-term success, organizations need a strategic plan that links diversity and inclusion to their business objectives as well as to policies, practices and day-to-day behaviors.  We work with an internal task force or Diversity Committee to develop a 3-5 year D&I strategic plan that articulates the business case and outlines goals and objectives, action steps and accountability metrics.


Culture Assessments

It is important to understand how different people experience the organization’s culture.

A culture assessment provides a snapshot of perceptions and experiences of a cross-section of people in the organization. We utilize surveys, confidential interviews and focus groups to gather information about what’s working well and what are areas for improvement.  The culture assessment often provides a foundation for understanding “where we are today” and developing a vision of “where we want to be” as well as a strategy for “how to get there.”


Employee Resource Groups

Well-run Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) enhance engagement, professional development and innovation.

ERGs can help organizations better understand changing customer needs, improve morale, provide mentoring, networking opportunities and cultivate internal leaders.  We work with organizations to help launch ERGs and develop guidelines to help leaders and executive champions embrace their role in making ERGs a success.